Q. What do you mean by "Art of stamps"?
A: This mean that all "paintings" are made by stamps. The whole immage is created by combining different stamps, pictures and paint.

Q: What kind of stamps do you use?
A: All the stamps are old. All of them are 40-80 years old. Most of the stamps are from Iraq.

Q: The paintings are framed?
A: Most of them are not framed. Only few are framed.

Q: Why there is no price informations?
A: Prices are negociable. If you are interested in purchasing any picture, please send us an email and tell us wich picture you wish to purchase and we will contact you shortly or you can contact us by phone for price informations.

Q: How do i buy?
A: If you wish to buy any paintings, please send us an email with your contact informations and tell us wich paintings you are interested for. We will contact you as soon as possible and define all the details: prices, payment, shiping.

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